Our Mission: To identify our treasures and celebrate them on canvas


Hi Collectors and Appreciators!

My name is Reisha and I am a self-taught artist with a focus on acrylics on canvas.

I am based in Ontario, Canada, but was born and raised in Dominica, a small, English speaking country located in the Eastern Caribbean. [Fun fact: Dominica is also known as the Nature Isle of the Caribbean.]

Having been surrounded by nature all my life, my early works were heavily inspired by the rainforests and sunsets of Dominica, as well as the four seasons of Canada. In recent pieces, I showcase more of my Caribbean upbringing – a unique blend of Indigenous, African and European cultures.

I take pride in displaying the rich fusion of the traditional and modern elements that give Caribbean culture its distinct flavour, with lots of emphasis and detail on hair especially within my fictional portraits.

I gain artistic inspiration from all that I deem beautiful and the things I consider my treasures: nature, people, culture, emotions and the lessons and love that connect us all!

My hope is for my art to serve as a celebration of treasures not only for myself, but for many of you as well.

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