Collection: Hairloom

Despite having ruled empires, Black families often do not have heirlooms to pass on. Why? Likely due to historically being stripped of our riches, societal status and even the earning power it took to acquire something like a portrait. Sadly, even pride in our natural hair was suppressed and difficult to hold on to.
These royalty-inspired portraits of the Hairloom series, fit to be passed down through generations, represent Black women and highlight their crowns of hair, that you are tempted to touch.

And what is it about Black hair that piques the curiosity of our physical senses? Is it the gravity-defying definition, the intricate patterns, the three-dimensionality? We get tempted to explore that by finding out how it feels. I celebrate Black hair by replicating its beautiful, intriguing patterns and textures using hot glue. The hot glue is applied using a precision-tip glue gun which allows me to easily create the magnificent shapes of curls, coils and kinks, which in this case, you are welcomed to touch.